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Below you will see all the different types of enhancements offered by Shattered Sound DJ Entertainment. Some of these features are included in every package, others are available for an add-on price and will be noted as such in the heading.


This is of course the main reason you are considering getting a DJ, to entertain the crowd with music. Shattered Sound DJ Entertainment has a vast variety of music spanning back from the 50's all the way to the most current songs being played on the radio. We also have a wide variety of genres such as Top 40, Dance, Country, Hip-Hop, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Rap, Polka, Latin, and much more. Shattered Sound has over 200,000+ songs and constantly growing, but if we don't have what you are looking for, let us know...and we will get it.


Dance floor lighting will be provided during the reception. This is included and consists of some really awesome lights that enhance the effects on the dance floor. Some of the lights include 2 moving head lights on the totems directly above the Video Screens and 4 effect lights on the light stand directly above the DJ booth. The dance floor lights will typically be moving to the beat of the music but can be changed at any time.​**The video above showcases the lighting used by Shattered Sound DJ Entertainment. Keep in mind that even though the video showcases Uplighting in this video as well, the Uplighting is NOT included as part of the Dance Floor Lighting.** 


Wireless microphones are used by the DJ to emcee the event as well as by the client and approved

guests to make speeches, announcements, and in ceremonies (if applicable).


Shattered Sound DJ Entertainment can provide this amazing feature at your event. Why are video screens so special, you may ask? Video screens add a whole new dimension to your event with many different features that can enhance your event. Provide Shattered Sound with pictures tailored for your event and the video screens will display a custom slide show throughout the night for you and your guests to enjoy. Examples are pictures of the bride and groom for a wedding, pictures of students and teachers for school events, pictures of a couple for an get the idea. And the features don't stop there. The video screens can also display a live feed of the dance floor, music videos, and video effects. If your venue has internet Wi-Fi, a QR Code can be displayed on the screen so that your guests can use it to send requests with their mobile devices. Below are some pictures of the video screen setup and also a short video of how the music videos are displayed on the screens. 



Dancing On The Cloud creates the ultimate fairy tale moment for a bride and groom. It is an amazing effect typically used for the first dance at the wedding. This is where low lying clouds created by a dry ice machine creates a cloud that stays between ankle and knee height of the couple dancing and gives the illusion that they are actually dancing on a cloud. This makes for amazing photo opportunities and will wow your guests. Be ready to see your guests with their phones out capturing pictures and videos when you dance on the cloud.

**Outside weddings and events will have variable results as the wind can affect how the cloud stays or blows around. Also, fans at indoor weddings are recommended to be turned off during this effect as to not blow the cloud around.**

***One more note, THIS IS NOT A FOG MACHINE! It will NOT set off alarms as it does not use fog juice. This only uses dry ice and water to create this effect.***



Uplighting adds a full room lighting effect that can be customized to your event. Shattered Sound uses Rockville uplights that can display just about any color of the rainbow as well as UV light to match any color theme you can think of, even amber colors which some lighting isn't able to do. These lights get set around the room and the DJ booth area to add a mesmerizing effect. Besides being set to a static color to match the color theme, these lights can also be switched to dance to the beat of the music that creates some really great looking room lighting along with the typical DJ dance floor lights.


Check out the video below to get an idea of what the uplighting looks like when it moves to the beat of the music. The picture is of the dinner area utilizing the color theme, as you can see, the lights give off nice ambient color effect.



If you would like to have the entertainment start at the cocktail hour and play through the dinner and then right into the reception, consider adding this to your night. Along with softer music than what you will hear later in the night, Shattered Sound DJ Entertainment will also be providing wireless microphones for the speeches and announcements during this time. Music that is played during the cocktail hour and dinner is picked or advised by the wedding couple just as the rest of the reception is. A popular pick is string/serenade versions of popular songs that you would hear on the radio, but with a cool dinner music sounding twist. This is also a great time to have songs played that might not necessarily go over well when played later in the night when people are dancing (like the non dancing type of songs).

WEDDING CEREMONY - $200 ADD-ON (On-Site)/$300 ADD-ON (Off-Site)

This add-on is popular with outside ceremonies since there is typically not a sound system or microphones available. If you choose to have Shattered Sound handle your ceremony, a sound system and wireless microphones will be provided so your guests can hear the officiant/pastor during the ceremony as well as if you would like microphones for vows or readings. Songs to be played during the ceremony can be picked and Shattered Sound will play those songs during the specified times (bridal march down the aisle, recessional, etc.)

**On-Site refers to the ceremony taking place at the same venue area where the reception is located**

**Off-Site refers to the ceremony taking place at a different location from the reception such as at a different address from the venue**


This is not really an offer or feature that you as a client have to add. This section is just to let everyone know that I am insured by American Family Insurance. Some venues require proof of insurance from DJ services. If that is the case with your venue, let me know and my insurance agent will get a copy of the insurance papers that they need.

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